Colleges visit campus

During the month of October, students will be celebrating College Month.  One way they can celebrate is by learning more about the different opportunities that are available to them after graduation. 

For example, in the first week of October, representatives from UCLA will be in the library to meet Spartans who want to know more about their university, and the following weeks, there will be visits from Chapman College, UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara. Many colleges visit our campus each week, all set up through Mr. Mejia in the College Office, which is located in the library. 

“These visits are usually provided by the admissions officers, so a lot of the people who will be actually reading the applications are the ones who are generally coming in to give presentations about the colleges,” said Mejia.

The schedule for visits is listed on our school website, under “College Office,” which is found under the “Counseling” tab. Students just need to visit the library and see the clipboards outside of Mr. Mejia’s office, where they can add their name to the schools that seem interesting.

“A lot of times students only sign up for the colleges that they’ve heard of,” said Mejia, “but I would encourage students to attend the ones they haven’t heard of because a lot of times those colleges offer a lot of opportunities that they might not know about.”

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