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Armenian People Seek Help

Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument in Montebello
PC: Wikipedia Commons

We woke up on the morning of Sunday, September 27th to find out that an attack on our people had begun.

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Preparing for Unexpected

Students can prepare for emergencies at home the same way they would at school.

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Statement of Editorial policy is the online edition of Schurr High School’s print newspaper, The Spartan Scroll. The student editors oversee the work of their peers in these publications and the student editorial board makes final decisions on all content of the website. In order to maintain journalistic integrity and accurate reporting, the following policies are adapted for The Spartan Scroll based on

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Commodity Activism Faces Skepticism

For the past decade, social movements have continued to become prevalent in our society, thus propelling companies such as Nike to capitalize on these movements in order to boost their sales. 

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Importance of Mental Health

Americans of all ages are being affected by mental health issues at a rapid rate and one solution might be to start looking into these problems and finding coping methods at a younger age.

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Importance of Sleep

Most students are not getting enough sleep, which is increasing their risk for health and 
behavioral problems.

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Collegiate Athletes Images Liberated from NCAA

Collegiate athletes in the state of California will have new opportunities to profit from their image, previously being heavily regulated by the NCAA. 

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Metal straws help environment

After a recent bill banned plastic straws, metal alternatives offer users a more ecologically-friendly option.

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Telling the truth is important, but there should be exceptions

Although honesty may seem to be a social obligation that everyone should follow, sometimes a white lie may be a better option compared to the harsh truth.

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Travel safety for online transportation

While Uber and Lyft are the two most popular modes of transportation, they are not completely safe and should be considered with care.

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