Honda returns as principal

Honda FP

by Viviana Rodriguez

photo by Eddie Lu

After working for three years at the district office, former principal Stacey Honda, has resumed her role as the head of the school.

“I missed being around a campus. I worked at Schurr for around 32 years, and it’s nice to be back in a familiar place. I worked at the district office and although it was a great experience, I missed the school environment,” said Honda.

Honda was first a Spartan as a student and then she served as a teacher and coach for basketball, tennis and volleyball. Eventually, she had roles as activities and project directors, then took a position as an assistant principal. Honda became principal at Macy Intermediate in 2006 before returning as principal of her Spartan home in 2008.

During her time at the district office, Honda’s work brought her to many district schools, giving her a chance to interact with other educators. As Director of Secondary Education, she was in charge of the intermediate and high schools.

“During my time away from Schurr,” said Honda, “I had the chance to meet many teachers and staff, and I was able to visit many different campuses. I had the opportunity to see teaching at other school sites, and I visited all the middle schools and high schools in the district.”

As principal, Honda is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to learn and grow. As the school year began, she introduced herself to the various organizations and students on campus. Honda expressed her enthusiasm of watching students travel through their four years of high school, making progress towards fulfilling their future. Her goal for the year is for each and every one of the senior class to walk at graduation.

“As a principal, I enjoy watching students graduate. You know that walking across the stage is 12 years of an individual’s life and four years spent at Schurr. I hope that their time spent with us was memorable, and I hope they got something out of the four years. When you see them receiving their diplomas, you remember when you first met them. Seeing students grow and mature is the best part of working at a high school,” she said.

Honda is committed to continue to motivate students in developing abilities and garnering knowledge that they may carry with them in the future.

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