New counselor breakdown aids students

by Charles Vuong


 Changes within the counselor system will result in some students being assigned new counselors and freshmen gaining specialized support.

The most recent change to the system is the addition of Beatriz De La Rosa as a freshman-only counselor rather than adding freshmen to other counselors by last name.

“I plan to work hard to make a difference in assistance from previous years by providing the whole ninth grade student body my support as well as guidance on campus” said De La Rosa.

The purpose of the new configuration is to allow freshmen an easier time transitioning from middle school to high school. By placing all freshmen with a single counselor, not only will they will have increased access in order to discuss schedules, grades and concerns, but the counselor will also be able to provide more grade-specific help.

The plan for the configuration is to keep this for the next few years, so new freshmen will continue to have help in transitioning.

Baltazar Mejia will assist 10-12 grade students with last names beginning with A to C; Lilia Rosas, D to I; Alma Aguilar, J to N; Ruth Munguia, O to R and Monica Nabor, S to Z.

“I think the new counselor breakdown is really solid this year. The changes are directed towards ninth graders, so overall, we can help them a lot better,” said Nabor.

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