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Commodity Activism Faces Skepticism

For the past decade, social movements have continued to become prevalent in our society, thus propelling companies such as Nike to capitalize on these movements in order to boost their sales. 

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Importance of Mental Health

Americans of all ages are being affected by mental health issues at a rapid rate and one solution might be to start looking into these problems and finding coping methods at a younger age.

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Importance of Sleep

Most students are not getting enough sleep, which is increasing their risk for health and 
behavioral problems.

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Collegiate Athletes Images Liberated from NCAA

Collegiate athletes in the state of California will have new opportunities to profit from their image, previously being heavily regulated by the NCAA. 

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Generation Z’s increasing reliance on technology is a major issue that sets it apart from any other.  

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Students should be charitable year-round


Why do people end to only volunteer during the holidays?
As winter is deemed the “season of giving,” it influences the moral obligation of many, which then increases the act of charity during the holidays.

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Staff Editorial

As this time of year is considered to be the “season of giving,” many of us find other things more appealing, such as the gifts that they are hoping to receive.

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Athlete Perspective: Raylene Guzman

In the days leading up to Friday night football games in the fall, I witnessed countless students preparing, whether it be Big USB making posters or the cheerleaders perfecting their routines, or pep rallies that were jam packed with students watching in awe as cheer, dance and the Spartan Legion performed.

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‘Ak’rismas Story


When I was younger, I looked forward to Christmas Day because of how excited the other kids at school would be.

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Better grades a product of sleep or study


Many students go through the same ritual to prepare for a big exam the next day– staying up an extra hour or maybe four because there are concepts that are still cloudy, however sleep is a key component in one’s health; so students should look to find a good balance between sleep and studies.  

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