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COVID offers alumna chance to give back

A tutoring and mentoring program started by alumna Evelyn Wong (’17) has taken off in response to COVID’s distance learning. (Wong pictured volunteering in Chile last year)

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Attendance System Changes Second Semester

District officials put a new attendance system in place this semester that has teachers taking attendance every class period instead of once a day. 

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all the world is a paradise with shave ice

Shave ice, in all its delicious and un-nutritious glory, has been widely regarded as a Hawaiian treat, but variations of snowy-styled desserts can be found nearly all over the world.

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A Lot of Hot: The History of Hot Sauce

Food, prior to hot sauce, was often bland.

But a flavor hero came out of the bushes, quite literally, to save our taste buds from boredom forevermore. 

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Graffiti art needs heart

Graffiti art and tagging are both forms of street expression, however they represent very different messages and philosophies.

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