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Safety First

As summer break approaches, students need to remember to stay safe and healthy during the coming sweltering days.

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Harmful chemicals found in beauty products


With allergy season currently in full swing, toxic chemicals found in various beauty products such as lotion and perfume can contribute to additional health problems.

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Focus: Misunderstood diets pose dangers


Current trends toward eating foods devoid of ingredients such as gluten, animal products or protein has become a distorted campaign which does not reflect the importance or seriousness with which these diets were originally designed.

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Teachers aim to encourage healthy eating through “Biggest Loser challenge”

Trying to adopt a new lifestyle, Physical Education teacher Amber Ackerman started the Biggest Loser Challenge to motivate teachers to lose weight and be conscious about their eating habits.

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American Heart Month: Before love comes a healthy heart

Faced with Valentine’s Day festivities, it is important to keep in mind a healthy lifestyle, especially during the month of February, also known as American Heart Month.

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Debunking myths behind dehydration

While most people link dehydration to the hot summer weather, it can also occur in winter at cold temperatures and may have adverse effects on the body.

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