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Guest Perspective: Tiffany Kang

When I heard that BTS would be performing at the American Music Awards again this year, I knew this was a big deal.

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Guest Perspective: Principal Stacey Honda

Dear  Spartan  Community,  

During Homecoming,  I realized that I was  one of the questions on the  Spartan Scavenger Hunt as many  students asked me to name the seven  positions I held at Schurr High School.  I could only name six, and Mrs. Montanez-Ramirez  reminded me that I was a student.

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Guest perspective

Finals can be a very stressful and scary time for students.

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Guest Perspective: Sofia Carmona

” A smile is the universal welcome,” according to Max Eastman.

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FOCUS: Thoughts from a true activist

From vegetarian to veterinarian, Sarah Luce-Andreyko shares what activism means to her.

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