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What’s Poppin’ at Yolk

Living up to its name, Popping Yolk Cafe is bursting with filling brunch selections that are both affordable and picture-worthy.

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Corgi Cafe Craze

With society’s craze over corgis and picture-worthy delicacies, Cafe D’er offers tasty desserts and drinks that carry their corgi-theme and satisfy both demands.

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‘Bobacraft’-ing flavorful drinks

Offering a wide variety of creative drinks and snacks, Bobacraft Tea House & Food Shack presents unique flavors to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. 

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New features in Minecraft and Pokemon Go brings renewed popularity

Trending video games have their chances in the spotlight and then hit a peak where they begin to lose their appeal, but video games like Minecraft and Pokemon Go have broken the cycle and increased in popularity once again. 

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New Heir to ESports Throne

From the recurring trend of playing battle royale video games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG), auto chess games have recently taken over the throne as the most popular new game genre this year.

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Guest Perspective: Tiffany Kang

When I heard that BTS would be performing at the American Music Awards again this year, I knew this was a big deal.

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Film depicts racial injustice


Demonstrating the importance of using one’s voice to advocate for those they love and their own culture, “The Hate U Give” tells an inspirational story about a teenager’s capability of standing against police brutality within her community.

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Museums provide opportunities to explore and learn

As summer break approaches, students have the opportunity to enhance their learning by visiting museums.

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Rose City serves unique pizzas

With warm lights, eclectic art and comfort food fusions, Rose City Pizza offers familiar classics with a twist.

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Reluctant partners/ Lasting friends

My first impression of Jacky Shum was that he was a quiet and reserved, and I later had the incredible chance to discover he was someone who loved to crack jokes all the time and was an easy person to talk to.    

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