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Collegiate Athletes Images Liberated from NCAA

Collegiate athletes in the state of California will have new opportunities to profit from their image, previously being heavily regulated by the NCAA. 

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COLLEGE: Personal growth vs. furthering education


Personal growth:
A common belief that people hold is that a university is only a place for educational growth, but they do not realize that it is also a haven for self-development.


Furthering Education:
Students should pursue a college education as it advocates a faster development of useful life skills alongside furthering knowledge for one’s targeted career and ultimately results in better futuristic outcomes.

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Students can plan ahead

With summer vacation already on some minds, students should plan ahead and take advantage of free available opportunities to further their knowledge and develop skills that may be useful in future careers.

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On the first day of school this year, I was asked a question I have been turning over in my mind ever since.

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Students should pursue extracurricular activities


Though there are many opportunities to be found in extracurricular activities in high school, they should not be disregarded or taken without passion, as they will allow students to better themselves in more ways than just on a college transcript or in social cliques.

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Justin’s Column: The world in my name

As immigrants, my parents prided themselves in giving me a Korean middle name to connect me to my roots.

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Raquel’s Column: On the pursuit of knowledge

The Chinese teacher began class by asking us why we decided to take this course.

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Hardworking students choose homework

As collegeboard.org notes, students must always try their hardest in school so they can succeed, but even those who put in their best efforts can sometimes lose their motivation.

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SAT to receive dramatic changes in 2016

by WENDY TRIEU Many have criticized the SAT for its esoteric vocabulary words, 25-minute essay and most of all, for not concentrating on critical academic skills. Because it was not based on what students learnt in high school, many students and parents were dissatisfied with the test, so the College Board has finally decided to change the unpopular college admission

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