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‘Ak’rismas Story


When I was younger, I looked forward to Christmas Day because of how excited the other kids at school would be.

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Decorating winter holidays with color


Celebrating holidays, such as those of winter, often requires the use of color to represent emotions, convey special messages and encourage festivities.

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Sarah’s Column: ‘Sarah’nade of thanks

by Sarah Hanashiro

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my family would celebrate Christmas at my mother’s 80+ year-old, godmother’s house.

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Robert’s Column: Fantasia on a Theme of Christmas

by Robert Miranda

When I was about 9 years old or thereabouts, I read the book The House Without a Christmas Tree, by Gail Rock.

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Kerry’s column: A gift to remember


As I watched the artificial snow spiral around creating a blizzard inside the globe, I fell into a trance. What seemed to be only a few seconds turned to minutes of hypnotic captivation.

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Freeze the moment


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Krampus haunts the holidays


With relatively mixed reviews, “Krampus” provides good fun for those who are craving a darker kind of holiday film.

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HOLIDAY DIY: Edible Rice Cereal Christmas Tree

Making holiday treats can seem like a hassle, but this simple and easy recipe takes the classic American rice cereal treat to a new level. Not only will it be fun to eat, but it is perfect to do with relatives of all ages!

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Origins of the gingerbread man

Whether he is hanging on the Christmas tree as a cheerful ornament or lying on the dinner plate ready to be eaten, the gingerbread man has been a popular winter celebrity for many generations.

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