Students return to campus after unexpected delays

By: Lizbeth Zambrano-Sanchez

Students resumed classes for in-person school Sept.14 after participating in independent learning for 17 school days. 

A rat infestation delayed the start of in-person school, originally set for Monday, Aug. 16. While the campus was shut down, contractors sanitized and inspected facilities to ensure a safe return for students and faculty. 

Students shared a mixed array of emotions about returning to school amid a global pandemic and delayed start to school. 

“At first I was nervous but now I feel fine,” said senior Melanie Delgado. “I followed the COVID protocols and that made me feel a bit safer. Plus, a lot of people were welcoming.” 

For students transitioning into high school from middle school, comparing middle school to high school was inevitable. 

“I feel like school is kind of the same in a way, we just have to wear masks,” said freshman Elias Navarro. “But the shields on the desks are annoying.”

Sophomores reflected on their virtual freshman year and compared it with their new, in-person high school experience. 

“It was kind of strange, we didn’t get to interact with them physically but it was fine,” said sophomore Rubee Gomez. “Now it feels like normal school.”

Some students feel relieved to be able to learn at school instead of in their homes. 

“I’m glad to be at school, I just wanted to get out of the house,” said junior Andres Garcia. “Distance learning was most definitely harder than today, I just couldn’t pay attention at home.” 

Although there was a nontraditional start to the school year, most students remained hopeful about the year and encouraged others to do the same. 

“I’d advise students to stay positive and to be considerate of how others are feeling during this time,” said senior student body president Samantha Hernandez. “You never know what people are going through so we should all be kind.”

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