Renaissance Starts Memorial project


Students in Renaissance started a memorial project in the front of the campus where students are encouraged to add a tribute to anyone that they may have lost during the pandemic.

A large banner that reads “Always in Our Hearts” and “You Are Loved” is at the center of the memorial, and there are materials in a box at the site to help students add their own personal tributes. The collective memorial stems from a COVID support group that Renaissance started during second semester and it is a project that is intended to allow students to share their grief and serve as a visual representation of the losses that students have endured. However, the memorial is intended to serve students who have lost someone for any reason, not just due to COVID. 

“I believe that our COVID support is something very vital in our environment given the circumstances that we don’t know what our peers have been through the last couple of months,” said Senior Mariam Fhami. “This is a way to interact with one another who have possibly felt what others have been feeling.”

The COVID support group will meet again on Wednesday, Feb 1, from 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Google Meet using the code “shsurloved.” Any student or staff member interested in joining the meet can also e-mail Renaissance adviser Ken Seto at for more information. Renaissance students explain that their group is a way to try to bring people together.

“Throughout the hardships and these unprecedented times, it is crucial that we, as a community are united. We must provide comfort and support to those who have been devastatingly affected by the pandemic,” said Senior Keanna Gomez. “Our COVID support group provides a safe and inclusive space for our community where we are able to virtually lean on each other.”

Students are not required to attend the support group meetings to add something to the memorial. Instead, Seto said that anyone who feels compelled to make a post is welcome to add their contribution. “I hope it takes off,” said Seto, “and allows people to honor their loved ones.”

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