Statement of Editorial policy is the online edition of Schurr High School’s print newspaper, The Spartan Scroll. The student editors oversee the work of their peers in these publications and the student editorial board makes final decisions on all content of the website. In order to maintain journalistic integrity and accurate reporting, the following policies are adapted for The Spartan Scroll based on the Journalism Education Association guidelines.

As a student-run publication, The Spartan Scroll’s mission is to provide a forum for student journalists to inform and educate their readers through original content such as breaking news, investigative reports, graphics, and polls.

We serve as a resource for the Schurr community and beyond to report relevant, interesting and newsworthy information. The Spartan Scroll staff is committed to fostering critical thinking in our reporting as well as providing students’ perspectives.

The student editorial board will determine the content in all unsigned editorials. The views stated in editorials represent that of a majority of the editorial board. Signed columns or review represent only the opinion of the author.

Role of School Officials
School officials do not engage in prior review and the content of Schurr Scroll is determined by the views of the student staff and not the school officials or the school itself. The Spartan Scroll’s editorial board and adviser assume complete legal and financial liability for the content of the publication.

Role of the Adviser
The Spartan Scroll adviser is a professional teaching staff member in charge of promoting a learning atmosphere in the journalism program by supporting a student leadership structure where student leaders are responsible for all decision-making and the adviser offers advice and instruction following the Journalism Education Association Advisers’ Code of Ethics.

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