Scott calls all ‘ragers’ but lacks rage-worthiness

CAITLIN MAUNG, Entertainment Editor

Rapper Travis Scott recently announced a collaboration with the iconic fast-food chain, McDonald’s, in offering his own combo meal at restaurants and merchandise on his web site, but other than inspiring some hilarious memes and fun merchandise, the venture lacked creativity.

Grammy-nominated artist Travis Scott teamed up with the fast-food giant to release a special sandwich combo, available only through Oct. 4. The combo includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard, fries with Tangy BBQ dipping sauce, and a Sprite, all for $6. Dubbed, “The Travis Scott Meal,” the meal is a direct copy of Scott’s usual McDonald’s order. Fans of Scott, who he calls “ragers” rushed to their local McDonald’s to try the new offer, and fans at the restaurant in Downey, even got to meet the rapper. This was the first of many celebrity collaborations that McDonald’s plans to release.

Presentation-wise, the burger comes in a standard Quarter Pounder box, the fries come in the classic red holder, and for the drink, I decided to go with a sweet tea, instead of Sprite. My first impression was that the burger looked like a normal Quarter Pounder. It had a sesame seed bun, and some bacon peeking out from the inside, which was overall very appetizing. But sadly, the meal lacked in the creativity department. If you had given this meal to me before the collaboration was announced, I would have thought that it was any other Quarter Pounder Combo. There was no special design on the bag, the burger container, or the drink cup – not even a picture as some meme’s have suggested, of Scott’s face grilled into the meat. There was no distinction that this order was any different from the others. 

However, the merchandise drop made up for any creative void in the actual meal. Items came in limited drops every few days, including specially designed shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and even an iconic McDonald’s chicken nugget pillow. If fans were disappointed in the meal promotion, they could always look to the merchandise. Lastly, the food was surprisingly very tasty. I’ve heard a handful of mixed reviews, but I thought the meal was pretty delicious. Overall, I’d give the collab a 6/10; both presentation and creativity were weak, but the burger was still classic and enjoyable.

At the end of the day, this collab created excitement and some hilarious memes. However, during a chaotic and stressful time like the one created by COVID, we need any bit of happiness we can get. Now, grab your friends (or don’t), and get your hands on this offer before it ends, as Scott says, “STRAIGHT UP!”

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