What’s Poppin’ at Yolk


photo by EMILY LAW


Living up to its name, Popping Yolk Cafe is bursting with filling brunch selections that are both affordable and picture-worthy.

Upon entering, customers are welcomed by friendly and patient employees who are willing to answer any questions and offer recommendations at the counter where orders are taken.

The interior is very spacious with aesthetically pleasing walls and ceiling decor, as well as large windows to let in the early morning sunlight. The cafe does not have outdoor seating, but there are many seats at an inside bar in case the tables are full.

The menu offers four categories of egg entrees: eggs benedict, omelettes, sandwiches and burgers from the charbroiler. The other dishes offered are crisp french toasts, salads, crepes and various snacks. They also offer teas, coffee, juice and alcoholic drinks. There are many varieties of certain egg entree categories so customers are not limited in their choices.

Each egg entree includes a choice of a side dish of either salad or fried potato bits. For the price of $13.50, the Avocado Benedict with fried potato bits was presented on a rather large plate with two poached eggs on English muffins with the other half of the plate filled with fried potatoes. The entree was appealing to the eye as well as to the taste buds by the balance between the poached egg, avocado, ham and English muffin where one taste would not overpower the others. The entree itself was very filling to the point where some customers may feel the need to take it to-go. 


For customers that want to try different forms of egg, the Egg Salad Sandwich is likewise very filling for the price of $10.50. Instead of using white bread, a brioche bun is used which is very shiny, but the height of the sandwich can seem overwhelming on a large plate. The sandwich consists of a hard-boiled egg salad, mayonnaise and some greens to balance it out. Despite the carb-heavy sandwich, it is complemented well by the side salad. 

As for beverages, some specific drinks are refillable such as a daily brew coffee for $3.95 and a mango iced green tea for $4. The daily brew coffee was served black, so customers can add as much cream and sugar as they like, as it is provided on their table. The mango iced green tea with light ice that does not dilute the sweetness that can cleanse one’s palette after their breakfast or brunch. Customers have the choice to take their drinks to-go as well, as long as it is refillable.

Located at 119 W Main St. in Alhambra, Popping Yolk Cafe is open daily from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Although they do not offer delivery, take-out is an option by calling (626) 940-5822.

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