Spartans promote spreading love


Students form a heart around the spartan logo

photo courtesy of NARE MNATSAKANYAN


On Oct. 23 before school, students formed a heart around the school logo on Ken David field as a part of the “Spread Love” movement.

The idea of the “Spread Love” movement began with junior Noah Altamirano. After the Al Noor Mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. Altamirano felt that there was too much negativity and violence in the world and wanted to make a change.

 “ I was feeling bothered about society being more interested in celebrity issues rather than global issues,” Altamirano said. “I spoke with our principal Ms. Honda and Mr. Seto to organize an event that would show people that we as teenagers are concerned with the issues going on in the world and can also spread a very important message to spread love and kindness to all.”

In order to spread the message of sending love, kindness, and positivity, students were photographed standing in the formation of a heart, which was posted on social media tagging other schools with the  “Spread Love Challenge,” challenging them to recreate the photo, therefore, spreading love. 

Students were also able to buy special pink shirts that were sold by Renaissance. Not only did these shirts represent the “Spread Love Challenge,” but they also honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Students who bought these pink shirts were also given a heart-shaped donut after taking the photo.

“We challenge other schools to take part in this campaign,” said senior Fatima Zarate. “We also encourage students to spread love and kindness throughout the year.”

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