Gridders work through season


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Jerahmy Fuentes (left) and Nathaniel Palacios (right) anticipate their next play from their coach

photo taken by JENNIFER CORTEZ


Varsity gridders will prepare to face the Mark Keppel Aztecs in an away game. JV and Frosh teams will play on Oct. 11 against the Aztecs away for their 2nd league game. 

Varsity football started off their first homecoming league game on Oct. 4 with a loss 27-69, respectively, against the Alhambra Moors. JV and Frosh gridders won, 28-20 and 33-0, respectively, against the Moors.

Varsity football lost 55-28, respectively, against the Cardinals at Whittier for their last game of the preseason on Sept. 19. In their final preseason game, JV and Frosh gridders lost, 36-4 and 26-6, respectively, against the Cardinals.  Football had a bye week Sept. 27. 

On Sept. 13 Varsity beat the Panthers 29-28, and on Oct. 12 Frosh gridders swept the Panthers away 26-6. 

Varsity lost to the Arroyo Knights 42-27, respectively, on Sept. 6, while Frosh and JV lost on Sept. 5, both 46-14, respectively. 

Both Frosh and JV beat the Dominguez Dons away, 14-7 and 15-7, on Aug 29.

“My team and I will improve to do better this season than last season by simply being a team. Last year was more individual action, and this year I actually feel the family connection. My team and I are motivated by the fact that everyone sees us as underdogs, and now that were n league, that league title is pushing us harder than ever now.” says Junior Joseph Iniguez, inside linebacker.

Frosh and JV leave the preseason with a record of 2-3 and 1-3, respectively.

“My team will improve this season by knowing our assignments when on the field and not feel sorry for ourselves when we are tired or hurt. One thing that motivates my team each year is that the Almont League championship title that belongs at Schurr,” said Senior Robert Aguilar, free safety.

“One of the challenges of coaching freshman football is that every year it’s a new group of athletes that are completely different from the previous season,” said Coach Estrada, the freshmen team coach. The majority of the players were new to football so we had to start with fundamentals and work our way towards the team becoming disciplined in football. The season started slow, but we’ve played well the last two games and we’re excited about league play.” 

Varsity gridders leave preseason with a record of 2-3 and opens their season with record 0-1.

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