girls varsity netters refine skills for upcoming season


photo taken by ISAAC NGAN


The varsity netters wrapped up preseason with 11-7 against California, Sept. 19 and will face Alhambra Moors, Sept. 26. 

Girls Varsity Netters strive to enhance skills for the upcoming season. Nearing the start of the season, varsity netters strive to improve their skills on the court with the help of their coach and each other

In order to further prepare for their season, netters must focus on communication between one another as well as with their coach. 

“The way that my team can improve throughout the games we have played is by communicating with each other. Our Coach is always on the lookout for things we need to improve on, whether it is during practice or during a game,” said varsity senior, Anna Lin.

Despite occasional losses, netters will find ways to enhance their skills and learn from their losses. Learning from previous games is effective for both the team, as well as their way of better their performance.

“We can improve by believing and trusting our system on how we prepare mentally and physically at practice and applying those things in game situations without the pressure of just winning, but knowing we did all we could during the match to win,” said Coach Michael Rubio. 

Having a positive attitude in matches will benefit the netters due to the importance of having a healthy mindset. Recovery is also crucial if they are down a set. 

“When we are down a set, it is a reboot mentally and figuring out what the opponent is giving us and using it to our advantage to take back momentum, make the easy shots to get back into to match,” said Coach Rubio, “This will put us into a position to “Shut the Door” and potentially win the match.”

The varsity netters hope to have a memorable season especially with their positive mindset about improving for upcoming matches.

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