‘Bobacraft’-ing flavorful drinks


photos taken by EMILY LAW & ERIN QUAN


Offering a wide variety of creative drinks and snacks, Bobacraft Tea House & Food Shack presents unique flavors to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. 

Upon entering, customers are greeted with a warm welcome, as well as a sweet aroma. The interior is spacious and minimalistic with big windows for natural lighting and appealing neon lights for a picture-worthy effect and it provides the ideal studying environment. The employees are also very patient when taking orders and are willing to offer their opinions on which snacks and drinks they would recommend. 

Bobacraft offers six categories of fresh beverages: milk teas, shaken teas, uji matcha teas, crystal drinks, fresh fruit teas and specialty drinks with the option of adding toppings like regular boba, brown sugar boba, lychee jelly and red bean. They also offer tasty, savory snacks. Since this is a fairly new establishment, their menu is subject to change.

Among the given beverages, the purple cloud is recommended along with other cloud drinks, such as the pink cloud (strawberry) and green cloud (matcha). The purple cloud is a taro smoothie with whipped cream to provide a cloudlike effect, hence its name. This smoothie is not excessively sweet and has a fluffy texture when mixed with whipped cream. There are bits of taro within the smoothie indicating that Bobacraft uses real ingredients for their drinks. The purple cloud drink itself is $4.75, but add-ons such as boba are an additional 50 cents.


Another popular drink is their peach tea, priced at $4.65 without add-ons. Similar to their purple cloud drink, the peach tea contains small peach bits to give the beverage a hint of freshness.  However, it tastes more like a juice or nectar than a tea, as it is sweeter than those from most traditional boba shops. For those who are not fond of a strong taste of tea but still look for a refreshing boba drink, Bobacraft’s peach tea is a good option. 

Finding parking is convenient because there is a parking garage around the block, so customers can easily grab a drink or snack and go.

Located at 410 W. Main St., Alhambra, Bobacraft is open from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. – midnight Friday through Sunday. Their schedule allows students to come in to purchase drinks and snacks while studying with their free wifi. To order take-out, call (626) 872-1692.

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