Surf Curse attracts new audiences with ‘Heaven Surrounds You’


Photo courtesy of Surf Curse


Appealing to the new wave of indie music in their third full studio album entitled Heaven Surrounds You, Surf Curse offers a fresh taste of their young adulthood.

 Duo Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck, formerly known as Surf Curse, tell of a coming-of-age epic inspired by many cult films they enjoyed throughout their young adulthood in Los Angeles and Reno, Nevada. 

Working alongside producer Jarvis Taveniere, Heaven Surrounds You successfully satisfies the energy and passion that old fans would expect from a Surf Curse album but expands the band’s songwriting to attract new audiences to their sound. Tracks such as “Disco,” and “Dead Ringers,” are able to give fans the same original sound they loved in their debut album Buds, while also giving off a greater feeling of maturity and growth that the band went through since their last release. 

An interesting aspect of this album was the band’s decision to name every track after a movie that influenced them. For example, “River’s Edge,” is named after the 1980’s film by David Cronenberg. With their upbeat intro, tracks such as, “Maps to the Stars,” draws on the quick-paced guitar strumming accompanied by a mixture of major and minor chords that has made “surf rock” what it is today.

Prior to the release of their album, Surf Curse held three summer movie screening events in Los Angeles in which they showcased movies that influenced their album for their fans. The movie screenings are an excellent opportunity not only for fans to be able to interact with the band members but also as a great way to meet other fans who will likely share similar interests.

Through Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck’s musical synergy, Surf Curse continues to wow us after every musical release, providing fans with a fresh feeling while also maintaining their original sound. Listeners can stream Surf Curse’s music on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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