New features in Minecraft and Pokemon Go brings renewed popularity


Trending video games have their chances in the spotlight and then hit a peak where they begin to lose their appeal, but video games like Minecraft and Pokemon Go have broken the cycle and increased in popularity once again. 

Released in 2011 by Mojang and developed by Swedish game developer, Markus Persson, Minecraft is a game based on cubic-style designs, with many quirks and aspects of the game that blends fiction with survival. The game’s popularity, however, died down after a few years. However, with its latest update in 2018, new and returning players have begun to flock to the game.

Similarly, in 2016, Pokemon Go was released and was frequently played all over, until the game died down after several months since the release. Coming back in 2018 and early 2019, Pokemon Go grew back in popularity with new updates and additions to the games.

Both games have similar stages in life, with booms in popularity when introduced, dying later on after vigorous playing and then finally reviving where they are now frequently played by the present audience. 

During the years, while players have been indulged in other media entertainment, both of these games have been updating, adding new content and enhancing the gaming experience. For example, Minecraft added more monsters and animals, weapons, dungeons and temples, whereas Pokemon Go continues to add newer generations of Pokemon.  

With all of these new aspects for players to test out and utilize, these games cater towards returning players, who want to see what new things have been added and what changed, and incoming gamers who will experience every aspect of the updated game as a whole.

People in the media as well, have sparked more interest into these games, such as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye, famous YouTube stars, who both played Minecraft for the first time. Viewers witnessing their playthroughs either can be influenced to go back to playing the game or even starting to play it for the first time as well. 

Getting a new feel to these games, players returning received a nostalgic vibe from replaying these games while at the same time, gaining new experiences from the previous updates. At the same time, new gamers will be able to embark on a new journey as well from these revived games. 

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