Broguiere’s Dairy Farm Reopens to Public


Photo courtesy of Broguiere’s Facebook


After closing for a month due to state regulations and high costs, Broguiere’s Dairy Farm, an establishment that has served the Montebello community since 1910, reopened on Friday Aug.16. 

Ernest Broguierie started his business with a lemon field.  However, his lemon business was not making any profit, therefore Brouguierie bought a cow and started selling milk door to door. Overtime the dairy farm grew and his customer base increased.

When the current owner, Ray Broguiere, announced that his business was closing, support of customers increased. With the high demand, Broguiere was able to keep his business open. Once the public found out Broguirie’s was going to reopen, customers began to line up.

“For the past two years, I have bought Broguiere’s milk since my family likes the taste, the idea of keeping the glass bottles, recycling and switching them with new ones when we go buy more. When we heard the place closed, we were devastated. It felt like something we loved was taken away forever. When it reopened, we were so happy and immediately rushed out of the house to go buy some milk,” said senior Karen Soto.
In addition to milk, Broguiere’s dairy stand contains a small selection of groceries such as cream, eggs, buttermilk, whole milk and two percent milk. The dairy farm is mainly known for its famous chocolate milk and seasonal eggnog.

“My family and I have been buying milk at Broguiere’s for over 10 years now. We have been buying milk from there because it’s fresh and good. I like Broguiere’s because it’s cheaper than buying milk at our local grocery store,” said freshman Natilie Reyes.

Broguiere’s Dairy Farm continues to sell their products to the community, and it is currently located at 505 S. Maple Ave, Montebello.

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