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DecCartoonAs this time of year is considered to be the “season of giving,” many of us find other things more appealing, such as the gifts that they are hoping to receive.

Material gifts are more often appealing to the eye, and the heart of some, however there are more things we can appreciate in life, rather than something that may be used several times before it is discarded in a bedroom closet.

Many of us are often told to consider family as the most important thing in life, but some do not seriously consider that idea. Many of us spend hours a day on our phones, laptops and entertainment centers, without spending so much as a few hours with those who are in the same room.

Rise of new games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch and Fortnite Season 7 cause heads to turn the other way at the new opportunity to get the first taste of the game before the fun gets spoiled. As more people follow the trends, others are also drawn in due to the fear of missing out.

Technological advancements allow for a greater possibility for those who indulge in those games to become distracted from the present world, hide within the virtual world.

Christmas should not be a time where people consider receiving gifts as the most significant event to look forward to, but rather the thought of spending time with family and those who care about us is an idea that should be emphasized as much as the gifts, or even more.

The importance of family is often overshadowed by the fairly recent wave of technology. Older members of the family did not grow up with such accommodations, and as a result, there are communicative misunderstandings.

Because of these conveniences, teenagers seemingly find less value with those who are around them. With family members being less than a call or a text away, the feeling of closeness and being with with them is not a large emphasis on the minds of younger generations.

The time we have left with our family is limited. Because of this, we should place our phones, tablets, laptops, Nintendo Switch and other entertainment devices and take the time to converse with them. By ridding of these distractions and being fully present and in the moment with those around us, we are able to create new memories with family that will forever be cherished.

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