Parking lot under construction

by Giovanny Martinez & Viviana Rodriquez

Construction will be held throughout next week on the upper parking lot to ensure that the handicapped parking spots are in compliance with state standards as well as to add charging outlets for drivers with electric cars.

Work on both renovations in the upper parking lot began on Monday and is expected to end Wednesday Dec. 19
Multiple renovations are being made on the handicapped parking spaces. One of them is being conducted by Penhall, a provider of concrete cutting and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning. They are ensuring that there is a level base undernath for all of the parking improvements.

Engie, an electric utility company which operates in the fields of distribution and renewable energy, is also working to add plug-in stations for people who drive hybrid cars. They are running energy from the swimming pool area to the solar panels. This will allow them to install the stations that will be used to recharge the hybrid cars.

“The project has been running smoothly,” said Chris Morales, a worker with Engie. “We have been working and staying on schedule. It is important that the parking spaces are compliant with the set standard as it can potentially be a hazard if it is not.”

During the beginning of construction there was an issue with parents dropping off their children at the upper parking lot.

“At the beginning of the project a few problems arose because there was a communication issue regarding the construction,” said Principal Stacey Honda.

“There were problems with the ingress and egress of parents dropping their children off at school. We resolved the problem by creating room so that parents can drop off their children making sure that the construction does not interfere with the school day.

Maintenance and operations have been doing a good job making sure our communication is better.”

Many students are looking forward to the addition of these new parking stations.

“I think it is important that they are making this available for our students and staff,” said sophomore Arianna Rodriguez. “The addition of these stations will not only benefit people with electric or hybrid cars, but it will also help out our environment.”

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