Guest Perspective: Tiffany Kang

When I heard that BTS would be performing at the American Music Awards again this year, I knew this was a big deal.

BTS have been taking the international music scene by storm. Witnessing the popularity of so many Korean artists among non-Koreans is something I never thought would happen. One reason I think that K-pop has intrigued so many is because of their different music scene.

In Korea, artists release EPs and single albums very frequently. In addition to performing a new song many times a week on various music programs with different outfits and concepts, they also appear on various TV shows, radio programs, dramas and movies. These frequent appearances give fans access to many different sides of their favorite artists.

The fandom culture is also taken very seriously. There are often rules to follow and many phases of eligibility to become a member of the official fan club and fans feel a great sense of responsibility for their artist.

I find it fascinating to see so many non-Koreans engaging enthusiastically with Korean music. It has led to a greater interest in the Korean culture as a whole. As someone who is Korean, it is something that continues to surprise me but I can’t help feel proud to be a part of the same heritage and am curious to see how far this wave will go.

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