Finals week approaches

by Eddie Lu

As the end of the semester approaches, students and teachers alike are making an extra push to wrap up things before finals begin next week.

“Time is going really fast. I feel like I’m procrastinating too much because of my stress. I don’t really feel that prepared because we are still learning things for the final,” said Samantha Murillo, freshman.

Students can prepare for finals by asking teachers for assistance in the subject with which they have trouble. Self study is encouraged according to Students may review their material individually or with other students. Options include going to the library to study either independently or with a group.

“Studying is hard, but you have to do it. I feel prepared for finals because I have been studying really hard on my own as often as possible. I read the material and I do practice problems to help me better absorb the content,” said Shuai Liu, senior.

Some students feel prepared for their finals. Through constant review, either with teachers or at home, students expressed that they were ready.

“I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I feel excited because after finals, a new semester begins and we start all over again, but I feel nervous because finals are stressful. However, I do feel prepared as most teachers have been reviewing and so have I,” said Jayce Gomez, senior.

The finals week will begin Tuesday of next week and will proceed until Thursday. Periods one and two will have their finals on Monday, periods three and four will have it on Tuesday, and periods five and six will have it Thursday. Monday is a regular day and Friday is a minimum day.

Although students and teachers may feel strained by their hectic agendas, keeping in mind that the end of the semester is approaching may help to improve morale.

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