Dance performs first winter showcase

by Citlali Moreno

photo taken by Elias Diaz

Dance will begin preparing a spring performance after holding their first-ever winter showcase on Dec.12.

Members of the Dance team held their performance from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

The students who wanted to do individual or group routines, auditioned to perform. If they qualified to dance, they chose their performance songs.

The 16 performances from 24 members of the dance team included of Homecoming, Renaissance and rally pieces that the coaches have taught them, as well as the students’ choreographing their duet, group and solo pieces.

“Every showcase is different,” said Vanessa Gomez, dance coach. “We wanted another opportunity to perform at another event.

Instead of working on one routine to perform at the end of the year, we have something to work on mid-year. Since it’s our first year, I thought we wouldn’t be ready, but I’m proud that they were prepared and ready to go.”

The dance performance featured a wide variety of genres, such as hip hop, pop, jazz and included a diverse selection of popular songs like “Crazy in Love,” “MotorSport” and “Can I Be Him.”

Dance team members were thrilled to express themselves and tell a story through a performance.

“It was thrilling to perform because we are telling a story through our dance moves. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but once I got on stage I forgot that there was people in the audience. I practiced as often as I could, and I just had to manage my time to make sure everything worked out. I am glad that when we got to perform our group pieces and that we stayed clean,” said junior Maia Ayala.

Practices were held after school and participants performed dance routines for which they were given critique and feedback.

“The feedback my coach gave me helped me realize what I am good at and what I needed to improve on,” said junior Jonathen Santa Cruz.

“Knowing that I took the time to choreograph feels great, and seeing people impressed by the piece and having family cheer us on is more inviting and warm, versus performing when you know no one there.”

The next showcase will not include any of the performances given during this showcase.
All proceeds from the Winter Showcase will go toward entry fees and transportation to future performances, competitions and events.

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