Hydroflasks prove popular with students

by Kia Harlan 

At the sound of a metal bottle crashing against the tile, an audible gasp can be heard from Hydroflask lovers, a noise that often results in an indentation in their precious bottles.

Despite the large market of various drink containers, Hydroflasks have become a must-have for many young adults. It is near impossible to cross campus or enter any classroom without spotting at least one of these ubiquitous bottles.

Coming in many colors, sizes and cap styles, these stainless steel bottles have become an essential item that many people love to personalize and cannot leave the house without. Many enjoy decorating their bottles with stickers to express their individuality and differentiate themselves from others.

“People decorate them because it expresses what they’re like and they won’t lose it because even if someone has the same color, they will know which one is theirs. I like to have a bunch of stickers on mine; I use Jolyn a lot because it is a swim brand that I use and they come with stickers and a lot of swimmers have them. Some of my stickers include my USA waterpolo sticker and my sister’s NASA one,” said junior Valeria Martinez.

Hydroflasks have become popular for of a variety of reasons, including their double wall insulation, allowing it to keep things cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to six hours, while its matte finish exterior stops the bottle from sweating. While it does have a lifetime warranty, they are quite costly, with prices ranging from $20 to $60, depending on the size.

“It is definitely worth the high price due to its high quality material, durability and the fact that it actually works. I can leave cold water with ice in my Hydroflask overnight, and it will still have ice cubes in the morning,” said senior Joseph Murkijanian.

“I think people would be willing to pay for the expensive bottles because it is currently trending.”

It can be controversial whether a Hydroflask is truly worth the price tag or if people are just paying to stay on trend, however,  a positive consequence is that not only are students staying hydrated, but we are moving towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle by using reusable flasks.

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