Guest Perspective: Principal Stacey Honda

Dear  Spartan  Community,  

During Homecoming,  I realized that I was  one of the questions on the  Spartan Scavenger Hunt as many  students asked me to name the seven  positions I held at Schurr High School.  I could only name six, and Mrs. Montanez-Ramirez  reminded me that I was a student. Time has flown  by since I walked the halls working towards my high  school diploma, and I can honestly say that I never imagined  I would be principal at my alma mater, let alone twice.

The road  I traveled to this point in my career has taught me that experience  is one of the best teachers and the wisdom gained can lead to unexpected  opportunities. I am very grateful for the chance to come back to Schurr; I  feel fortunate to have a second chance to make a difference at the same school  which provided the foundation for my college years and eventual career.

From my years  as a Spartan athlete, I learned the value of teamwork and discipline. As I played basketball  in college and eventually coached the Spartan teams, these foundational experiences proved valuable  in building the relationships so necessary in teaching and learning.

I have been blessed to learn from  family, teachers, colleagues and mentors; they helped me to grow and succeed, and I urge you all to take  full advantage of these high school years to cultivate your own relationships which will form the foundation  of your future.

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