Classics for a ‘spook-tacular’ night

by Giovanny Martinez

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Reclining  against the  leather chair  with popcorn and  soda on standby, binge  watching movies is a great  way to spend the terrorizing  Halloween night.

As Linus points  towards the large orange fruit in  the movie, “It’s the Great Pumpkin,  Charlie Brown,” starring the famous white  dog Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang  provide great entertainment to viewers. This known  Charlie Brown Halloween special, calls on viewers to  recall their early childhood memories as they watched the  Peanuts gang experience their first party and search for the  legendary Great Pumpkin.

Families can sit around the TV and watch  the film as it is equally enjoyable for all ages. While these classics  appeal to a wide audience, some may prefer a scarier movie, such as “Monster  House.” Starting with comedic moments, it begins to progressively darken, as the  characters dive further into the haunted house, providing a scare for thrill-seekers  and mature audiences.

Although “Monster House” is a relatively new movie, it has retained  a strong appeal. The 2009 hit movie, “Coraline,” is about a young girl who finds strange things  going on in her new home. This movie shows the audience that the grass is not always greener on the  other side while also being entertaining with its breathtaking animation and clever plot.

Whether it is considered  a Halloween or Christmas stop-motion movie is yet to be determined, but “The Nightmare Before Christmas” showcases Tim  Burton’s unique sty-lings of characters with iconic body structures and interesting personalities.


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