Wilcox construction to fix electrical lines

by Viviana Rodriguez

Catching the attention of commuters, the construction on Wilcox Avenue that started in September, is being done to improve energy grids in Monterey Park and neighboring cities.

Southern California Edison is working to remove, demolish and modify distribution structures, transmission and sub transmission lines running through the Mesa Substation, located near the Monterey Park Market Place. The construction and demolition project will be completed in three phases. They are also working to adjust energy output to support the needs of the community.

Joseph Johnson who is involved in this project said, “California has an overall goal to be completely green with our energy resources. This project is moving towards using more wind and solar energy. By bringing this transmission line in and boosting the capacity of the project, we are going to be able to meet the needs of the western Los Angeles Basin.”

Currently the manufacturing of lines is being done across the street from the school with no end date set. The construction is a part of a bigger project being done at the Mesa Substation. The project’s purpose is to address environmental concerns regarding ocean temperatures and energy output.

Phase one of the project will consist of the arrangement and development of the western portion in the Mesa Substation. Phase two will involve construction on the newly extended portion of the substation. Phase three sees the adjustment of the eastern portion of the site with the completion of the new substation.

“The steam generating power plants are very high in temperature, so they bring in ocean water that generates steam, which spins the turbines. The ocean water is put back into the ocean, so the coastal commission has decided that it has an environmental effect on the ocean, as you can expect, because when you are putting out warmer water you’re increasing the ambient temperature of the ocean,” said Johnson.

The entire project is set to take about four and a half years to complete.

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