Renaissance to host rally, with ‘Grease’ as theme

by Katrina Lin

photo by Eddie Lu

Renaissance will be hosting their first of two rallies Nov. 16 in Byers Gymnasium.

Students invited to attend have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on their first progress report. A second rally will be held in June, where students who have a minimum GPA of 1.00 but have improved by 0.33 will be invited as well.

“We will recognize some very important accomplishments and have some entertainment, decorations and fun for all that choose to go,” said Kenneth Seto, Renaissance adviser. “It is simply a celebration of all the good things that are happening at Schurr.”

The theme of “Grease” will be incorporated into the rally by decorating the gymnasium with posters that depict the the look and feel of the film. Theme-based skits starring Renaissance members will be presented during the rally.

Students will receive admission cards from teachers on the day of the rally that serve as a pass to enter. Freshmen and sophomores will attend the rally during second period, while juniors and seniors will be attending during third period.

“In the past, we have recognized Straight-A Spartans, AP Excellence, Most Inspirational Students and various groups that have accomplished something special,” said Seto.

Other school organizations, such as the dance team, drill team and choir will be performing during the rally in order to acknowledge students’ talents and serve as a reward for hard work.

The rally will serve as encouragement for students to continue to strive to do well in school, pushing others to improve academically so they may also be part of the event.

Renaissance members have been working on the rally since early September. Projects such as Senior Sunrise, Montebello Rivalry Game and the Homecoming game, have  also been organized by groups of Renaissance students who help put up the big screen at football games, paint posters to promote spirit and work on projects to inform the student body.

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