Rose City serves unique pizzas

by Kia Harlan

With warm lights, eclectic art and comfort food fusions, Rose City Pizza offers familiar classics with a twist.

The smell of melting cheese wafting through the air and the vibrant art and skateboards adorning the walls lend a contemporary and cozy ambience. Using locally grown, organic vegetables, they offer comfort food that brings the taste of home.

The pizzeria offers a variety of choices, including their signature thin crust and pies (deep dish pizza). Prices are $8.50 for a small, $18 for a medium and $20 for a large; however, customers can choose a combo of a pizza slice, breadsticks, salad and a small drink for $8.49.  Additionally, the menu includes the Vegan Elote and the Fresca Pizza.

A popular choice is the Italian Mexican fusion of half elote and half al pastor with a topping of crushed Hot Cheetos. On the elote side, the sweet notes of the corn are balanced by the spicy mayo, while the Hot Cheetos add a crunchy, dynamic texture. The al pastor side contains chunks of smokey meat paired with pineapple, an unusual spinoff of Hawaiian pizza. However, diners who enjoy a more hearty bite may find that the flavor profile of the al pastor falls short, as the meat is a bit dry with nothing to anchor the flavors.IMG_1312

Another unique dish they offer is the Lasagna Grilled Cheese ($15) combining two classics: a generous slice of lasagna wedged between thick slabs of cheesy bread, with portions large enough to feed two. The novelty of this fusion may be more in the idea than the actual execution, as it lacks a “wow” factor. Even so, the combination of two familiar tastes makes one nostalgic for childhood and presents a perfect comfort food.

Diners may enjoy hearty sides, like the local favorite Buffalo chicken tots ($8.99), garlic parmesan fries ($5.50) and hot wings (eight pieces for $8.99) as well as various sandwiches and salads.

Located at 3588 Rosemead Blvd. Rosemead, they are open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The restaurant provides plenty of nearby parking for customers.

Order for delivery can be made using the app Doordash or by calling (626)-280-8885.

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