Girls’ League to host Sadie Hawkins Dance

by Katrina Lin

Girls’ League will host the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, themed “Aloha from Sadies,” May 4 in the quad from 7-11 p.m.            

Tickets can be purchased for $8 from Girls’ League members and will be sold for $12 at the door. Students from other schools who want to attend the dance must acquire guest passes, which can be obtained in Room A-6 and must be returned before April 30. Student IDs must be presented to enter the dance.

“Hosting Sadies is a tradition Girls’ League has had long before I become the advisor in 2013. We are proud that it has become of of the dances that SHS students look forward to, and hope to continue this for many year to come, especially since it is our biggest fundraiser,” said Claudia Monreal, Girls’ League adviser.

           The Sadie Hawkins dance challenges the traditional gender roles where “boys ask girls” to the dance and encourages girls to ask boys instead. Students and guests traditionally dress according to the theme, while matching with their dates.

           “Sadies is important because it’s a good change that gives women a chance to ask the guys out,” said senior Tori Takai, Girls’ League vice president. “It’s a nice change and takes the pressure off the guys for once.”

Flower leis will be handed out to the first 100 people who arrive at the dance. The students and guests will have the choice of choosing between a blue, green, purple or pink lei. Snacks and refreshments, such as shaved ice, soda, tacos and water, will be sold during the dance. In addition, a photobooth will be available for $3.

Girls’ League members have held poster painting sessions after school to create decorations coordinating to the Hawaiian theme. The posters will surround the quad, along with cardboard decorations of leaves, flowers and shells. The locker cage by A-Building will also be embellished with flowers.

“It [the theme] was something that has never been done during my four years in Girls’ League,” said senior Mariah De La Torre, Girls’ League president. “We hope everybody will be able to enjoy themselves at the dance and appreciate the hours of work Girls’ League put in for this Sadies to happen.”

The dance was originally scheduled for April 27, but was moved because electricity will be shut off at 8 that evening to complete the solar panels.

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