Cartoonist hopes to impact audience through sketches

by Kia Harlan & Jayden Liu

Working as a publisher, artist, writer and creator, this up-and-coming cartoonist does it all.

Known as Skip 2 My Loop, Kevin Lofton is the creator of the first black female superhero universe, known as Giant Conix. Hoping to create something that was interesting but different inspired his creation of this world.

“One of the biggest problems with today’s comics is the lack of diversity. I knew that I could single handedly create a whole universe that would solve the diversity problem totally. I chose to focus on women because I wanted my characters to represent the most marginalized perspectives,” said Lofton.

Hoping to convey a message of introspection, Lofton uses his comics to reflect what he believes the world is missing today. He wishes to create inspirational characters that will positively impact youth.

“The biggest hope is to tell really cool stories with great female characters. I’d like it if the characters helped boys develop a greater respect or appreciation for women, bring joy or delight to a kid, or even be a source of strength or inspiration in a challenging situation,” said Lofton.

He encourages aspiring artists to bring their work to Giant Conix to give them a chance to shine and be relevant in an impacted profession. He advises them to never quit and gives tips on how to develop style. In order to establish a unique style, he instructs people to relax, draw and allow themselves to produce art freely no matter how unskilled one perceives it to be.

“Although you can and will delude yourself about how awesome it is, you’ll need to be honest and focus in on what is not working,” said Lofton. “You need to have the commitment and faith to not give up, which will allow your art to evolve and mature. Eventually your style is born out of the trial and error.”

The first issues of his comics will be sold through a kickstart campaign called GiantLaunch. All the issues after that however will be through regular distribution, bringing comics back to convenience and grocery stores.

“Marvel and DC can keep selling their comics exclusively through Diamond while they make their billions off their movies,” said Lofton. “Meanwhile, we’ll be developing characters for a new generation of kids and we’ll make sure kids are able to get them easily and cheaply, even if they don’t subscribe to Disney.”

Students can look forward to eight upcoming series in an array of genres including Neptune Queen, Medical Robot Delta Prime, Supreme Team, Special Agent 6, Starbomb, Pinkertons, I, Medusa and King James Pool Hall.

More information can be found on Lofton’s website

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