Garcia plays music; performs in rock band

by Citlali Moreno

He can play, teach and compose; junior Oscar Garcia is a triple threat.

“For me, writing and performing comes naturally. I have one secret – practice. I have practiced my main instruments for so long, the process of playing comes naturally,” said Garcia.

At the age of 8, Garcia had discovered his profound love for music by playing Guitar Hero.

“The game inspired me. I played with my cousin when I was around 7 and immediately got hooked,” said Garcia, “I never knew I loved music until I picked up that controller.”

At the time, Garcia spent his young days learning how to play the bass at Ignite Music Center, where he eventually was able to teach.

“I started playing bass when I first started to attend Ignite, and no one else wanted to play bass. I also taught a little bit at Ignite until it closed. It was actually the place where I learned how to play, so that was the main reason I was even considered to be hired. I only really worked on Saturdays, but I had to leave every autumn for marching season,” said Garcia. He plays bass, multi tenor drums, snare drums, triangle and timpani in the marching and symphonic bands.

Astonishingly, at the time he was teaching, he was offered the chance to be in a band by a student who later became his best friend.

“In my music school, we played songs with other students and made ‘bands’. I loved the feeling of playing and sharing myself, so when I was offered by one of the students to be in a band with two of my other friends, I didn’t want to say no,” said Garcia, “I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve opened up so many possibilities for myself. I perform in a cover band that plays English and Spanish Rock hits from ‘60s to now. I’m also making a band with my best friend that blends hard rock, jazz, funk and math rock into one,” said Garcia.


Photo by Anna Minasayan

According to Garcia, math rock is a sub-genre of indie rock that consists of dense and complex melodies and difficult time signatures.

“Learning how to play guitar and bass has changed my life in every way possible. I have my life set. I know what I want to do with my life, and it’s making music for not only myself but for my fans and my people,” said Garcia.

As a lover of music, Garcia plans to be musician in his future.

Garcia only plays private parties with his cover band but produces and has music on SoundCloud (@vitativ).

  Willing to face any challenges in his path, Garcia is determined as he pushes toward his goal of becoming a musician.

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