Program offers credit recovery

by Anthony Ngov

Providing students with a chance to make up credits for failed classes, credit recovery is now available for enrollment before the second session deadline of Jan. 22.

Credit recovery is for students of all grade levels; however, seniors are given priority. To participate, students must first visit their counselor to decide which classes they can make up and determine their availability. Students are advised to take one class at a time, but they may take more if the counselor recommends it.


By Karen La

“I think credit recovery provides a great opportunity for students who do not have the option of attending adult school. I hope students complete their courses and take advantage of this,” said Assistant Principal Autumn Matsumoto, who is the overseer of the program.

Enrolled students pick up their assignments in the library any time from 3-6 p.m. and teachers are available if they have questions. After taking the assignment, it is up to the student to complete it and retrieve the next assignment the following day. The number of assignments that can be turned in and completed at one time varies based on the class and teacher.

Teachers are in the library to answer students’ questions and can administer any needed test, regardless of their specialization in a subject. Carlos Avila is the English teacher for the program and is in the library Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Bruce Mendizabal and Carl Blankenhorn are the math teachers; Mendizabal is there Monday and Wednesday, while Blankhenhorn is there Tuesday and Thursday. Jerry Ortiz is the history teacher and is there Monday through Thursday. Eduardo Viramontes and Jonathan Tuthill are science teachers; Viramontes is there Monday and Wednesday, while Tuthill is there Tuesday and Thursday.

“It is outstanding that students have an option to make up credits if they did not pass a class because if they are not old enough for adult school, they may not be able to graduate,” said Tuthill. “It is also more convenient for students so they can work on making up credits while still being able to participate in other activities in their schedule. Overall, the students have been great so far.”

Students will take tests and quizzes regularly to determine mastery of the course material, just like regular classes. The number of tests and quizzes is based on the course and teacher. If a student does not pass a test or quiz, they will be given more assignments on that topic to help them understand the material.

“The program is convenient for me because it lets me manage my time better,” said Catarina Montoya, senior. “This means that I get to take my time with my work compared to a traditional class. It is helpful for me because sometimes I take longer to process or read material, and the flexibility overall fits my style more.”

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