College workshops continue, ELAC, ROP classes will begin

by Joshua Bolus

Spring semester classes for East Los Angeles College (ELAC) and the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) start in January and February.

The ROP classes help students earn extra or missing credits and allow students to gain some work experience. Classes for ROP next semester start Jan. 29, with registration for each class on the first day. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must be at least 16 years old, part of the school district and a junior or a senior, with some exceptions made for students that are 15 years old.

In order to pass ROP, 90 percent of the scheduled class hours must be completed. Students must have their own transportation and earn a minimum grade of a “D.” Failure to meet these requirements results in no credits being earned.


by Karen La

Jessica Cortes, career technical education coordinator, said, “ROP better prepares students for the real world, lets students explore careers, learn 21st century skills and allows students to have hands-on training.”

Some ROP classes that are now offered are also available next semester. They are Architecture, Construction and Engineering Occupations, Automotive Technology, Business Marketing and Management, Child Care, Computer Graphics/Animation/Webpage, Computer Information Technology, Culinary Arts, Financial Services, Health Careers Pathways, Hotel and Food Service Occupations, Recreation Occupations, Retail Sales Marketing and Merchandising and Sports Medicine. The classes are offered during the school day, after school or on the weekend, and are either available at Schurr or another school within the district.

  “I took a ROP class (Retail Sales Marketing and Merchandising) to gain experience that I’ll need when no one is around. I knew it would benefit me and knew it was a great opportunity. The classes have helped me with filling out resumes, improve my communication skills, get a job that I am interested and good at,” said Elena Robles, senior.

The ELAC classes are now available for enrollment and begin Feb. 13 on Schurr’s campus. They allow students to earn college credits that are transferable to other universities and colleges. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are allowed to take these classes with a written note from a high school official and a parent.

Courses offered are Chicano Studies 20: The Mexican American in California, Child Development, Communications 101, Engineering Graphics & Design 111: 2-D Computer-Aided Drafting with AutoCAD and Introduction to Robotics MIT 220.

To sign up for the ELAC classes, students go to the college office, fill out an application, and go on ELAC’s website to register. The classes offer three credits for each semester hour.

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