P!ink returns with ‘Beautiful Drama’

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by Amanda Gonzalez

Photo Courtesy of Gettyimages.com

P!nk releases her first album in five years, offering a reminder of her iconic, older hits but with a new and unapologetic attitude.

The album, titled Beautiful Trauma, was released Friday, Oct. 13. A reflection on the last few years of P!nk’s life, it shows the spiritual growth she achieved during her hiatus. Similar to what occurred with her previous albums, P!nk played a major role in writing and producing the album’s songs  giving it a personal feel. All 13 tracks share similar musical elements.

“What About Us?” the album’s first released single, is the epitome of contemporary pop music. With a catchy and repetitive chorus, the single is reminiscent of her past song, “Blow Me One Last Kiss.” P!nk delivers a message of anger and confrontation with lyrics like “What about us?/What about all the times you said you had the answers?” The song, peaking at No. 23 on the Billboard Top 100, showcases P!nk’s passionate vocals.

Continuing with her theme of fearlessness, P!nk collaborates with Eminem on her second track, titled “Revenge.” Her lyrics include powerful phrases like “Let me count the ways/ How I’ll get you or how I’ll make you pay.” Along with raps by Eminem, the song addresses the imperfections of a relationship and demonstrates P!nk’s strong persona.

Another song that depicts her strength is “For Now.” The song has a more mellow and slow tune than most of her other songs. However, the tempo quickens during the chorus, offering a pleasant contrast. The lyrics discuss her experiences with love and overcoming heartbreak, a common topic throughout the album.  

Overall, Beautiful Trauma shows P!nk’s maturing attitude while still maintaining the authentic vocals she is known for. This being her seventh album, P!nk has established herself as a true icon with a unique personality. 

Her Beautiful Trauma World Tour is scheduled to begin in 2018. 

The album is available for purchase online, at various retail stores and at Apple Music. It is also available for streaming on Spotify.

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