Rally will recognize success of students


Photo by Karen La

by Joanna Lei

Photo by Karen La

Renaissance will host its first rally of the year with “The Avengers” theme in Byers Gymnasium Nov. 17 to acknowledge students who have achieved academic excellence in the first quarter.

“We chose it because it’s a theme that hasn’t been done in a while, and something that we have been wanting to try. However, we will be including references to other movies and shows to add to the fun, especially for those who might not watch the Avengers series or any other Marvel movies,” said senior Benjamin Manuel, Renaissance member.

In order to attend, students need a minimum 2.5 GPA on their first quarter progress report. Students with a 4.0 GPA will receive a free T-shirt.

“In Renaissance, we do not just recognize the students who are getting straight A’s or have a high GPA. We recognize the students who have improved their GPA, no matter how high or how low,” said senior Jonas Lizarraga, Renaissance member. 

For the first quarter, Renaissance usually gives out shirts to straight A students. If they can raise enough money throughout the year, they will give shirts to everyone with a 4.0 and will also give out shirts or Starbucks gift cards at the semester for students that have a 3.6 GPA and above.

“It’s nice to get rewarded for earning good grades after trying hard, and it’s especially nice to get a shirt with your name on it,” said junior Angelica Machuca. “I think it’s good that Renaissance makes a big deal out of earning good grades, because it will make you feel accomplished and lead you to a path of higher education in the future.”

For freshmen and sophomores, the rally will be during second period. Juniors and seniors will go to the rally during part of third period and all of fourth period, because there are more people and groups to recognize.

To raise money for the Renaissance rally, members did a catalog sale and T-shirt sale. They are currently holding a raffle for Lakers tickets and are also selling Spartan sweatshirts. They will be doing Mr. Schurr High in March and will also host the Power 106 game in May.

“We hope to celebrate the positive things that happen at our school and bring it to the attention of as many students as possible. I hope students appreciate that Renaissance recognizes their accomplishments in the classroom,” said Renaissance Adviser Kenneth Seto.

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