Perez sets up wishing tree


Photo by Styvalizh Uribe

by Mellisa Mulia

Walking by the trees near the flagpole, a student pauses to notice a tree that was once arrayed in its usual green and brown now decorated in an assortment of colors.

Walking towards the vibrant display, various words are visible, written on a multitude of papers: they are wishes.

The idea of a wishing tree started with senior Sahian Perez, inspired by her observation of one in Los Angeles.

“I got the idea of a wishing tree from seeing it at Little Tokyo. When I would pass by the location, there were people who would be writing a wish and when working on it they looked hopeful and happy,” said Perez.

Determined to have a wishing tree for Schurr, Perez set out to work, making sure every phase of the plan would lead to a tradition for student participation.

“I got the idea approved by coming up to Mr. Arregui during nutrition and asking to please allow the idea to happen. He had an idea of what it would be but wanted to see it, to make sure he was thinking of the right thing. I showed him a picture of it, and he liked the idea,” said Perez.

Granted permission to begin, Perez bought all of the needed materials, including paper, string and ribbons.

At Senior Sunrise, she started the project by getting all of the seniors to write down their biggest wishes.

“I also asked some students to write down wishes during class, as well as during nutrition and lunch. Then, after school, with the help of my close friend, we set it all up and created a wishing tree,” said Perez.

Perez acted on her own and followed her inspiration to make a wishing tree happen, wanting students to be reminded of the wishes they made and carry them out during their remaining school years. Even if it rains throughout the year, the students will be able to rewrite their wishes again and rehang them.

“I wanted to have it because many seniors do not really wish or are hopeful anymore, or look forward to anything. I wanted to do this just so that every day when they come to school they see the tree and have it be a reminder to them of the wish they made. This may allow them to make it happen and never forget what they wish to accomplish,” said Perez.

She hopes that with the tree, students will be reminded to work toward making their wishes come true, and that any students who wants to include their own wishes to the tree may do so without personally giving her the papers, as long as they are appropriate. 

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