Drama to present new production


Photo by Karen La

by Joshua Bolus

Photo by Karen La

Inspired by the Disney film “Into the Woods,” drama classes are producing the play “Once Upon a Time” Nov. 15 and 16 at 7 p.m., in the auditorium. 

The drama class production has a cast of 35 students. Main leads of this play are seniors Joe David, Tatiana Duckworth, Cellisa Sanchez and Mikayla Talavera. Similar to “Into the Woods,” the story revolves around four tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella Jack and the Beanstalk, and Sleeping Beauty, with the twist of the Big Bad Wolf making an appearance in each.  

“I edited it personally; I added each of the transitions and basically, for the entire thing, I made my own scenes,” said Duckworth, the scriptwriter. “I am really excited for this production because of the originality we were able to put it.” 

All of the scriptwriting and rehearsing is done during fifth period and lunch, while the lighting and stage design is done during second period.  

“What we do is find good backdrops for all the specific scenes of the play,” said senior Jose Duran, member of the media group. The lighting crew works the lights and gives the mood of the scene, the sound crew plays different cues that they all have to get to for each scene, stage design makes props and changes them whenever the lights are out and the business of theater group creates the budget from which they all work. 

While Duckworth and Duran are preparing offstage, senior Daylan Rueda said he prepares by “rehearsing my lines in front of the mirror, trying to add characterization and hand gestures.”  

“This play makes it different from beginning drama because this play was written out, while in beginning drama, we would make our own scripts and perform them for the class. Now, we are performing for the school,” said Rueda. 

The tickets for the play are $5 each and go on sale Nov. 6, they can be purchased from drama members and at the door.

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