Club Rush promotes activities


Photo by Karen La

by Eddie Lu

To promote extracurricular activities and student interactions, the annual Club Rush will be held in the quad Sept. 26 during lunch.

Club Rush allows students to meet others and find groups that they feel most comfortable joining. A variety of clubs are available such as Green Earth, Key Club, Astronomy, Food Club, Brothers and Sisters in Christ and more. Not only does joining help students form friendships that may go beyond high school, it also offers unique experiences. Students are encouraged to join one or more clubs by their counselor as they offer leadership opportunities.

“Club Rush has a major effect on increasing student interactions, due to its purpose being to create connections and memories with other students. I feel like high school could be the start of you finding who you are and who you want to become. Club Rush is the first step to that by giving you options to find an activity that you may love,” said USB President Sofia Carmona-Ceron.

Club Rush allows students to become aware of the variety of clubs that they can join, as well as getting information about new groups or those they have not been exposed to.

“It’s important because many students don’t even know that there is an astronomy club, either because we haven’t put up fliers yet or maybe because people just don’t see them. The cool thing about Club Rush is that it’s in the quad, and most students pass it when they’re exiting their class,” said Melina Ruano, astronomy club president.

Besides offering the opportunity to make new friends and advertise clubs, Club Rush can potentially help students become more active in school and show school spirit.

“Students get involved with their school, besides their classes, and can give them some sense of school pride being a part of a group on campus, becoming more social this way,” said Leilani Corleto, secretary of Green Earth Club.

Posters and fliers will represent each club to attract more students. Club officers will be at the booths to provide interested students with information they may need. Students may leave their contact information if they have additional questions.
  In order to start a new club, students must get their idea approved by the Intercouncil and Director of Student Activities, Peter Murashige. Then they are required to find an adviser, as well has induct officers and keep of minutes of meetings. Intercouncil meetings are held once or twice a month, depending on the number of activities planned. Clubs meet once a week during nutrition or lunch. During these meetings, members will learn of upcoming events and officers make plans to develop fundraising ideas.

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