ROP, CTE, classes available

by Citlali Moreno

Students can apply for Career Technical Education (CTE) and the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) as an opportunity to gain experience in the work force.       

This fall semester, ROP is offering classes that assist students to explore future career options, as a part of CTE, which provides academic and technical skills.

According to the current ROP booklet, the program allows students to train in a simulated or actual work setting, which can increase a student’s communication, people skills and the ability to explore careers that can lead to future jobs.

“You get hands-on experience and use your prior knowledge. These are skills you will need whether for retail or for an interview,” said Jessica Cortez, ROP and CTE coordinator.

Each ROP class gives students the opportunity to receive five credits, a certificate and knowledge of the relating career. Students can apply for a class even if the class is not available in the school they currently attend.

Throughout the Montebello Unified School District, more than 4,000 students are enrolled in both ROP and CTE classes, which vary from those in retail, electronics, business, food service and health careers.  “I love food service management better than my school classes,” said senior Jonathan Galarza.

Food service management is for students who are working in the food industry; it teaches them the basic skills they will need to work with food and customers. In order to obtain a work permit, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. and attend the ROP class once a week.

Teachers for ROP have worked in their fields, which allow students the opportunity to use what their instructor knows as a tool in the work force, and to learn the trade that fits their interests.

To enroll in an ROP class, students must provide their own transportation and be at least 16 years old. However, some classes may make exceptions for freshmen and sophomores. Classes are offered during the school day and on weekends.

This semester, classes are still available; however, once they are filled, students can no longer apply.  The program began on the first day of school and will continue until Dec. 23. New classes will begin in January.

Students interested may visit Room B-7 to get more information about the various classes ROP provides.

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