Fifth Harmony provide honest vocals


by Amanda Gonzalez & Lauren Kim

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Following success of their previous music, Fifth Harmony continues as a quartet releasing their self-titled album Aug. 25 offering authentic lyrics and powerful vocals.  

Composed of Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei, Fifth Harmony shares deep perspectives on themes such as love, self-confidence and sisterhood on their third album.  Unlike their previous releases, the members have co-written much of the album based on personal experiences and participated in selecting the songs. The increased participation allows all 10 tracks to have cohesive styles.

Their lead single “Down” featuring rapper Gucci Mane, is rhythmic and captures the urban feel with the genres of dance-pop and contemporary R&B.  Produced by the same team who created “Work From Home,” the group’s award-winning platinum single, “Down” has similar ties to it.  The song has a similar beat as “Work From Home,” repeating lyrics “down” instead of “work.”  Despite the similarities, Mane’s upbeat verses are refreshingly sung by the group’s sweet voices.

Another popular single included on the album, “Angel,” tells of surviving a difficult relationship.  Produced by Skrillex and Poo Bear, the song has Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and trap, new genres the group has not previously included. Musically, the heavy bass and electronic tunes distract from the feminine vocals, but the edgy vibes and strong lyrics complement the theme of empowerment, which is also revealed in “Make You Mad.” Overall, the emotions and experiences shared on the album provide listeners with a genuine look into the lives of Fifth Harmony’s members.  The album proves that even after losing a member, the group still has style and the endurance to maintain their position on Billboard’s annual “21 under 21 list.”

The album is available for purchase online or at various retail stores.  It is also available on Spotify.

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