Students designed canopies in amphitheater provide shade

By Anna Minasyan

Over the summer, Pathways engineering students designed and hung canopies above the amphitheater to provide shade  during the school year.

The project was proposed by Activities Director Peter Murashige, completed by Pathways engineering students and facilitated by Bill Schultheis, Pathways engineering teacher. With funding from the United Student Body (USB), students planned each detail of the task, such as the amount of material needed and the placement of the material.

“I’ve always loved the idea of students working to benefit the school. I spoke to the engineering students, and they were so excited to work on it,” said Murashige. “They did the math and I only asked for the receipts.”

Alumni, Idalia Felipe, Yitzhak Madrigal, Daniel Guardado and Angel Mercado, were responsible for the canopy assembly, coming in during the summer to work out the logistics of the pulley and rope system. Although complications with the angling and the pulleys caused a delay, the canopy was fully put together by August 17.

“We hope the students and the school take advantage of the shade, and they have more activities because of it,” said  Madrigal, class of 2017.

This was one of many projects where school organizations collaborated with USB.

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