‘Wonder Woman’ to offer strong female perspective

 Review by RYAN HSU

“Wonder Woman,” the fourth film of the DC Cinematic Universe will be released by Warner Bros. nationwide today.

This origin story of the Wonder Woman character has been highly anticipated to be a major box office smash hit, ever since its trailer debuted last July. Along with being the first movie to star a female superhero since Marvel’s “Elektra” in 2005, the film is also being directed by a female director, Patty Jenkins.

Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Princess Diana and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, it features the two fighting together to try to stop World War I. The film promises to appeal to the female audience because it portrays a very strong female protagonist in a male-dominated field.


Photo courtesy of flikr.com

From the gorgeous, sun drenched beaches of her mystical paradise home isle to the ghastly gray sky of industrial London to the blood soaked trenches of World War I, the scenes in the trailer of “Wonder Woman” shows a fully detailed world that few comic book films have.

Wonder Woman’s attempt to blend into the human world seems fascinating, as is her evolution from a naïve young girl fighter into a fully mature warrior princess campaigning for justice and peace. Many of her battles shoW her wielding the mystical Amazonian “God-Killer” Sword and Lasso of Truth. The aesthetic slow-motion is comic book film imagery at its best. With artful camera angles and amazing computer graphics, many of the fight scenes shown in the new movie are masterfully shot and stunning to watch.

The trailer also gives glimpses of a Nazi villain, a fiery aerial combat with biplanes, as well as spectacular beachfront warfare. The trailer ends on a humorous note as Diana, naïve to

the female clothing of English society that she must wear, questions how anyone can fight in a dress.

The trailers showcase what every summer blockbuster should have: spectacular action and thrilling visual designs. The trailer also includes something that most DC superhero films

seem to lack so far: a sense of joyous fun and a playful sense of humor. Gadot, who stole the show as Wonder Woman in last year’s “Batman vs Superman,” is simply spectacular to behold.

“Wonder Woman” is rated PG-13.

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