Today’s Powder Puff contest fundraises for football teams


Photo by KAREN LA 



Taking the field, junior and senior girls will compete in the Powder Puff game on Ken Davis Field today at 3:30 p.m.

Powder Puff is one of the biggest fundraisers for football. The money that is raised will go towards the upcoming football season to supply members with equipment and uniforms.

“Powder Puff is an important event because it gives the girls an opportunity to experience a big game atmosphere and the physical side of the sport,” said Coach David Ramos. “The rivalry between the juniors and seniors is really intense. It is a great and fun way to end the year.”

Powder Puff embraces the idea of breaking the boundaries of gender roles, having the female students play the game on the field and the male students cheering for the girls. The game will include 40 seniors and 35 juniors against each other, with seniors wearing white and juniors wearing green.

“I’m pretty confident and excited for this competition; since I am athletic, it pushed me to participate in Powder Puff,” said Cristina Garcia, junior. “We’ve been working really hard and preparing for Powder Puff, so I think my team will win.”

Powder Puff is flag football and played at a slower pace. Girls have been taught basic plays, like slide grabbing, catching and throwing. They have also been doing a lot of running drills to work on their speed. Boys have been learning how to do stunts, like pyramids and jumps, after school in order to prepare for the game. In addition, there are seven coaches for the juniors and eight coaches for the seniors.

“We’ve learned some basic cheers like ‘Let’s Go Spartans’ and ‘Spartans Rock the House;’ we have already been organized into our stunting groups, so we are all prepared with our positions,” said senior Vincent Hernandez.  “We also got the stunting down faster than last year.”

Tickets are sold by participants for $7 during presale and the price will be $10 at the gate.


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