‘Donut’ miss this holiday


As it is the first Friday of June, today marks a very a special holiday for donut lovers to enjoy a “hole” lot, National Donut Day.

Although the day celebrates the fun and tasty treats, the holiday is actually intended to honor the Salvation Army Lassies, the women who served donuts to soldiers fighting during the World Wars.

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According to centralusa.salvationarmy.org, National Donut Day started in Chicago in 1938 to celebrate The Salvation Army’s “Donut Girls” who gave out free coffee and donuts to soldiers. In1917, the Salvation Army started a mission to provide a source of spiritual support for the U.S. soldiers fighting in World War I.  To make this mission possible, about 250 volunteers traveled oversees so they could serve soldiers baked goods.  However, considering the limited rations and the poor conditions of the huts, serving the baked goods was going to be more complicated.  To make this mission possible, two volunteers, Adjutant Helen Purviance and Ensign Margaret Sheldon began to fry donuts in soldier’s helmets.  Since then, the delicious desserts were every soldier’s favorite.

The “Donut Lassies” are credited with popularizing donuts across America.  These female volunteers not only served donuts but provided soldiers with stamps, writing supplies and home-cooked meals.  National Donut Day first started as a commemoration of these brave women, but it was also a way to fund-raise for the needy during the Great Depression, according to nationaldaycalendar.com.

Now, National Donut Day is celebrated with free donuts across the nation.  In participating locations, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts will be giving out free donuts of the customer’s choice with the purchase of any beverage.  The nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is located in Bell Gardens and the nearest Krispy Kreme is in the City of Industry on Azusa near Puente Hills Mall.

With all the celebration across the country, today is a holiday that students “donut” want to miss.


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